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System odzysku ciepła w kotłowni

AquaHeat - Heat recovery

In Europe, more and more emphasis is being placed on heat recovery from wastewater or sewage systems. Preliminary analyzes show that the construction of such installations is economically justified. The cost of installation pays back within two years and their exploitation
is uncomplicated and cost-effective. Heat recovery from wastewater can be achieved by an exchanger which has been used successfully for many years in the industry. The temperature of technological or communal wastewater makes the heat recovery justified
 energetically (energy saving), environmentally (lowering greenhouse gas emissions) as well as economically (long-term savings). 

The heat exchanger is used for recovery of the heat contained in wastewater generated as a result of a technological process in many industries. Our devices are adapted to receive hot sewage directly from the equipment that produces them or wastewater averaged over the entire production plant.

KUPS | Animacja odzysku ciepła

High efficiency

70% recovery of generated thermal energy 

High quality materials

5 years

Installation in existing plants

Low cost infrastructure preparation

Natural wastewater cooling

No need for an
intermediate tank

Quick disassembly design

Ease of

We install the heat recovery system in 3 ways: undergroundon the ground (inside the building), on the ground (in a container building outside). Standard exchanger efficiency after warming up is 70%The exchanger included in the recovery system, depending on the assembly possibilities, is made in shape of a waltz or a cube. Standard material stainless steel 304. Optionally the exchanger can be made of 316 stainless acid-resistant steelMost wastewater can be pumped through the exchanger thanks to the design that allows for trouble-free maintenance. Heat recovery can take place in the flow, i.e. one liter of sewage one liter of hot water. Optionally heated water can be stored in buffer tank(s).


  • standard power from 50 kW up to 1500 kW

  • power above 1500 kW per request

  • standard efficiency 70%, maximum efficiency up to 90%

  • working capacity from 50L

  • made of stainless steel AISI 304/316

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